Lazy Sunday Sail Away

Catamaran sail st. kitts

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The always great weekend cool down ‘lime’

A week or two ago, we ran another of our “Lazy Sunday Sailaway” tours.  We don’t run them very often, because Sundays are slow days here on St Kitts. Most visitors tend not to do too much on a Sunday –   many  are just arriving on the island , or  just arrived the night before, and are finding their way about.

For  those fortunate enough to be “on Island ” as we say ,when the tour operates , it’s a unique opportunity to pick up a little contemporary Caribbean culture by learning to lime. -You see, the people who participate on our Sunday Sail away are mostly locals – taking advantage of a rare tour designed for them on a day when they can enjoy it.

In the Islands, “lime” is a verb.  Of course it also refers to the citrus fruit, but in  a social context it is always a verb .  Liming  means hanging with friends , chatting, socializing and relaxing with no fixed agenda.  Commonly , adult beverages are involved,  but they a consumed rather slowly, as the essence of liming is that it can’t be hurried, and we have hours more of liming before we have to think about doing anything else.

All through the week, visitors to St kitts_Nevis participate in activities designed to show them our twin island paradise — rainforest hikes,  beach excursions,  catamaran snorkel trips,  and of course they meet many locals; but those locals are working as tour guides, boat captains,
bus drivers.  Like People all over the world , we Kittitians and Nevisians have  a work personality,  that helps us to get things done on the job,  and of course we also have a social side the comes out when we are relaxing after work or on the weekend with friends and family.

So if you want to get to know the Real caribbean and its people   —  you’ve just got to..   ” Learn to Lime”.

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