Home Sweet Home (For the Holidays)

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A holiday season filled with culture, goodwill and cheer

It’s the time of year when people all over the world are making holiday arrangements. Folks from St Kitts and Nevis are no different. Not only do we have Christmas and New Years to celebrate, but we have our annual Carnival to celebrate. Parties and events take place throughout  December with colorful troupes dancing through the streets, concerts, and private “fetes” (West Indian for “parties). All of it is a warm-up for the big events between December 26th through New Years Day.

Photo Credit: SceneKitts Photography

Jouvert (pronounced “Zhoo-vay”) is the early morning street dance held on December 26th, when the whole population, some in carefully prepared colorful costumes, some in street clothes, winds  its way to the center of Basseterre to the sound of traveling bands.

As the  New Year begins, the Sugar Mas Grand Parade takes place in the streets of Basseterre, including masquerade troupes, Moko Jumbies,(costumed stilt walkers)  folklore groups, and bands. At Blue Water Safaris, we honor the spirit of Carnival in the names of two of our boats. Jouvert, our biggest and fastest Catamaran, and Moko Jumbie, our smallest.

Moko Jumbie

This makes December the best month for visitors to get to know a bit more about St Kitts history and culture. Of course, if you are here through the Christmas and New Year’s period, you can watch the big events, or even take part in Jouvert. But earlier in the month,  our tours and activities begin to take on a local flavor, as locals and their friends from abroad “home for the holidays” are in a festive, and welcoming mood. Our accent is quite distinctive, and you will recognize it easily once you’ve been on the island for a day or so. So whether you are out on a tour or excursion, getting in some beach time or maybe at one of the beach bars that make up “the strip” in Frigate Bay, when you hear that distinctive accent, Strike up a conversation; Kittitians have a deserved reputation for being among the world’s friendliest people, and they are proud of their heritage. In your friendly conversation, you will get a chance to understand more about our twin-island federation. Things to do, places to go, a bit about why things are the way they are. Even if you are from far away, and only staying a few days, We locals have a way of making you feel that you, too are “home for the Holidays”.

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