We’ve refreshed our website!

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In order to make it easy for our guests to find our website, and to navigate it easily, our marketing team puts in a lot of work. We recognize that many of those who find us for the first time live elsewhere and are likely planning to come to St kitts and Nevis in the near future but may never have been here before. They are looking for things to do in St Kitts and Nevis, maybe searched for a favorite activity like sailing or snorkeling and found us. The job of the website is not selling, but informing.

   Rodney Browne, our webmaster says “My design goal was to make it super clear to all our visitors exactly what we do and don’t do, and to make it easy to quickly find  a tour and date combination that works for them.” We’ve all experienced frustrating searches, where a site promises in the headlines things it can’t deliver in the fine print. To make sure we avoid that, there are now two ways of navigating the site; by tour and by date.

   The standard view is by tour — If you are a resident of St Kitts-Nevis, or you are planning to be here for more than a couple of days, that is probably best for you – just look through the tour pages to see what strikes your fancy – the “book now” button will bring up a calendar of availability, and you can choose that date that suits you best. But what if , like many visitors you are on a cruise ship, only calling at the port of Basseterre for one day, or maybe you are traveling on business and have a few free hours on a specific date? That’s where our new Calendar view comes in. You’ll see it prominently in the middle of the main page under “know your dates?” If you click there, you can quickly see exactly what’s available on your date, and avoid wasting time reading details of tours not available on your date.

BWS Web site screen shot
“Know Your Date?”

   At least that’s how we hope it works for you; we’ve many many other tweaks and bug squashes too, but the true test will be if it works for you, so please let us know if you spot something we can do to improve – we would love to hear from you

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We’ve refreshed our website!

In order to make it easy for our guests to find our website, and to navigate it easily, our marketing team puts in a lot


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