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Planning on visiting St. Kitts and Nevis soon, whether for a day or week? Researching what to do? We’re certain you want to have an absolutely amazing time?

We could offer you here a shameless plug for all the great tours we offer. But, the truth is you don’t need to take an organized tour to enjoy yourself in a new place – you just have to connect with the spirit of the place. Find what makes St Kitts and Nevis different from any other place on earth, let that speak to you in a unique way, and your visit will be a cherished memory.  

 Here are three unique places to add to your “must visit” list while in St. Kitts — maybe one of them will click with you.


If you are here on a Wednesday or Friday Night  – Hop in a taxi and head to Old Road Village to a place called Sprat Net  – it’s a  family -run seafood restaurant  that is extremely rustic (no walls, picnic tables)  right by the sea.  Your fellow diners will be a mix of locals, students, and a few visitors- the atmosphere begs you to start up a conversation with a neighbor – perhaps a local on a night out with the family, or a vet student from the USA just getting adjusted to island life.  Lobster  (local spiny Lobster , not the big claw variety they have up in Maine ) is usually available and always delicious: a unique St Kitts experience


Are you a history enthusiast? Well, check out the Historic Wingfield Estate. Just a short distance further along the island Main road, in a small village called Old Road is Wingfield Estate.

 Fun Fact To Get You Excited: It was the first English Land grant in the Caribbean. There is really nothing like it on other islands – a half-buried, half preserved 18th century rum distillery, founded by Sam Jefferson a direct ancestor of US president Thomas Jefferson. You can learn its history here , but even if history is not your thing , a stroll  around the grounds is bound to evoke a connection with those long ago days with their  triumphs and injustices.

 We operate this tour which features a visit to Wingfield, but again – you don’t have to do an organized tour to appreciate the uniqueness of the place.

3) THE STRIP on Frigate Bay Beach

Over nighting in St. Kitts? Then The Strip at Frigate bay Beach is a place for you – Frigate bay is not St Kitts best beach or its second best, but it is definitely the most Kittitian. It’s a nice little beach with about 17 beach bars where 7 can fit and with enough business to support three. Known affectionately to locals as “the strip” it’s where everybody goes to relax after work or on the weekend  – during the day there is a sleepy, rustic vibe that is authentic. There are plenty of places to sit in the shade and slow your inner clock down to island time any many small restaurants where you can enjoy lunch or dinner.

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